Ahoy, landlubbers! We’re setting sail on an incredible journey! Join us… if you dare…

We’re extremely happy to announce that Crow’s Nest is Live!


Crow’s Nest is an NFT fantasy roleplaying game in which players take on the role of a daring pirate captain, leading his crew towards undiscovered treasures.

The core elements of the game involve crew and ship micromanagement, in the pursuit of adventures that come with their own risks and rewards.

If you’re a captain with a nose for adventure, looking to form a partnership with the different trade companies, or sailing against other crews for the sake of glory and booty, then you’ve come to the right place.

One of the latest developments in the gaming industry is the Play-to-Earn Business Model which allows players to increase the value of their in-game assets by actively playing the game and grants them undisputed ownership over their effort and investment.

In Crow’s Nest, we aim to provide a revenue stream for players and community builders.





Ships allow captains to tailor crews to their preferred playstyle, increasing their chances of success, hull capacity, and firepower.

Crew members

Followers, much weaker than their captain but still strong enough to pull their weight. Crew members accompany the Captain on incursions that have a variety of rewards such as gear, currency, and new crew members.


Equipment is exclusive to captains and exists only to improve their abilities.
‌Players are allowed to swap equipment at any time, prior to sending the captain off on an incursion, to combat any threats they will encounter or provide additional bonuses.

In the following days, we will be sharing more relevant information on gameplay, how the NFTs interact with each other and how we envision the Crow’s Nest Universe through separate articles.
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